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About us

The machine-knife factory HERBERTZ & Co. was founded in Remscheid in 1925.For over 75 years, we have been producing knives for almost all areas of use.Due to its experience, tradition, research, and constant further development, Herbertz has become an efficient and modern enterprise.

In the course of many years, because of our high-quality products, we have been able to establish ourselves worldwide as a competent partner for the paper, woodworking, plastics, food-processing, and steel industries.And for these reasons, we believe that we will also be an interesting and efficient partner for your enterprise, too.

Closeness to the customer
For the Herbertz company, closeness to the customers is more than just idle words. Our strength is to be found in the solutions tailored to the customers´ requirements, from the development up to the smooth handling of logistical and administrative problems. We supplycustomers from all technical sectors, and in us, you will find a competent partner with experience in all ranges of application.

To meet the customers´ requirements and to produce as efficiently as possible, we employ the most modern machines. Some of our products are machines on CNC-controlled machining centres, hardened and tempered in a vacuum or in the traditional manner, and ground using the latest grinding machines. The results are machine knives that come up to the highest quality requirements.

No knife leaves our works without undergoing a thorough final check using our modern measuring equipment.

Our circle of customers is growing constantly, but we are proud of those business partners that have kept faith with us for generations.

Our markets are in Germany, Western and Eastern Europe, and overseas. In some countries we maintain agencies. Our overseas customers especially appreciate our smooth, customer-orientated handling of orders. For us, closeness to the customers means in practice that we find out what they expect, and then give them more than they ask for.