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WoodHERBERTZ has been on the market selling tools for the wood industry since 1925. HERBERTZ tools are well-known in this trade world-wide. Our range of production includes planing knives, saw blades, also carbide-tipped, for the building- and furniture industry, cleavers, flaker- and peeling knives.

PaperHERBERTZ paper knives guarantee the perfect longitudinal as well as cross cut. Best results, with regards to quality and life-time are being obtained with our knives all over the world. Our production program covers slitter and cross cutters, knives for tissue, toilet paper and foil. HERBERTZ paper knives convince by long life-time and economical cost-benefit ratio. Experience since 1925.

MetalFor the cutting and finishing of metal, the choice of material is essential. Based on our high experience we are able to offer you optimal advise. We produce knives for almost every application, such as knives for punching, profiling, guillotine shears as well as scrap-metal shears. HERBERTZ has the skill to adhere to the most narrow tolerances. Renowned machine manufacturers use our HERBERTZ knives for initial equipment.

PlasticHERBERTZ is a specialist in knives for the various branches of the plastics industry. Our products are the perfect choice for the grinding and granulation of plastics. With our knives, professional recycling is guaranteed.


FoodFor the food industry, HERBERTZ produces band saws, circular knives, circular saws, circular carbide saws, scraper knives, cutter knives, blades and rasp saw blades for the starch industry. All products are made of best quality tool steel or stainless steel, as required.