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HCO- Maintenance instruction for band knives

1. The right thickness of the blade
The thickness of band knives must be maximum a thousandth of the diameter ofthe roll. For example if we have a diameter of the roll 450 mm the thickness of the blade should be 0,45 mm.

2. The channel of the band knives
The channel of the band knife must ensure that the band knife does not distort or strike against parts ofthe machine. The back channel must be coordinated with the track roller.

3. Stress relaxation of the band knife
During non-operating steps, the band knife needs a stress relief. This is to ensure, that no crack formation or break occur at the welding points.

4. Re-sharpening in time
This is especially important to prolong the durability oft he band knife. The band knives must always be in sharp condition. Knives with stub blades heat up and built up internal stresses, which could end in crack formation.

During re-sharpening you have to avoid, that the band knives warm up to much. The bevel length and the bevel angle must be identical on both sides, to ensure, that the cutting edge is absolutely symmetrical.

5. Application
A new knife must run for several minutes without strain, so that the knife can adapt with the machine.

The feed rate depends on the cutting material. If the feed rate is too fast the band knife will crack.

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