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Steel for Circular knives

Our Circular knives are produced from different Germany steel qualities. We can help to determine the best material for your application. The professional choice of the material is responsible for the lifetime and cutting quality of the circular knife.

Circular knives made from Tool steel (for example: 1.2067 - 1.2235)

  • tensile ductility
  • average wear resistence
  • appropriate for simple application

Circular knives made from High Alloyed chrome (for example: 1.2379 | 1.2436)

  • high alloyed chrome steel (minimum 12% Chrome)
  • good tensile strength
  • high wear resistence
  • can be used for multiple cutting purposes with high exigencies

Circular knives made from High Speed Steel (for example: 1.3333 | 1.3343 | 1.3355)

  • high wear-resistence steel
  • strong hardness
  • high content of wolfram
  • high cutting speed
  • for cutting purpose which need edge retention

Circular knives made from HSS-powder-metallurgical

  • high tensile strength
  • good wear resistence
  • provides for special cutting purpose better results as HSS

Circular knives made from Stainless steel
(1.4034 | 1.4021)

  • high content of chrome, rust resistant
  • sufficient wearing resistance
  • for cutting purpose where rust resistence is necessary (foodstuff)

Circular knives made from tungsten carbide

  • compacted material
  • needs competent handling
  • for cutting purpose of material with very high tensile strength and wear resistance