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Since 1925, our name is synonym for
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Herbertz Messer GmbH & Co.KG produces since 1925 machine knives for all sorts of applications. Many of our customers use our machine knives and tools applied to work paper, wood, steel, textile, leather, foodstuff and plastics.

Machine knives are cutting tools with different characteristics. The different characteristics involve certain “Categories“. So the description of machine knives, which are circular or round, are circular saws or round saws, depending of the cutting geometry the denomination can be as well as a crushing knife, perforating circular saw or hull cutting knife. Depending what should be cut, the different materials for circular saws can be chosen. The hardening process and the surface treatment must be adapted to the different applications to ensure, that the circular saws respond to the target in behalf of endurance and life time.
In the case, that the circular- or round knives are equipped with denticulation, the denomination of these round machine knives is circular - or round saws.
The denomination of circular saws depends on the application. We talk about wood cutting circular saws if they are used for cutting wood. If no iron metals are supposed to be cut we call them NE-Metals (No iron metals), circular saws for cutting carbon steel are called metal slitting discs. Highest quality and special processing methods is precondition for a long life time connected with the best cutting properties.
Circular saws are used as well for slitting or dismembering of food stuff. The steel blade is made out of rust resistant material. These circular saws are applied in companies with fish workmanship, in slaughterhouses and butcher shops.

Machine knives, which are produced out of band steel, are denominated as band knives. These band knives can be equipped with a one side bevel, double side bevel or even a four side bevel. The band saws normally are delivered in rolls and are cut and welded in the length as per prescription of the customer. The welding process of the band saws must be adapted to the material and the thickness of the band saws. This production process is realized by Herbertz with especially skilled people working on a IDEAL welding machine.The quality of the welding seam has a big influence to the life time of the band saws. Herbertz band saws are used in the industries of textile, paper, wood, foamed material and food stuff.

To secure, that our machine knives realize best cutting results, the materials, the cutting geometry and the application should be adapted. Willingly we support you to solve cutting problems.
We produce with high standard of quality,  round saws, round knives, band knives, scraper knives, circular saws, long knives, roll shear knives, bonded stripper rings, crush cutting knives, bottom knives, perforation knives, granulating knives, upper/lower knives.