HCO – Care instruction manual for band knives

1. Correct blade thickness

The blades must only have the maximum thickness of a thousandth of the roller diameter. For example, 0.45mm blade thickness for a 450mm roller diameter.

2. Band knife guide

The band knife guide must ensure that the band knife does not run off or does or hit parts of the machine. The back guide must be adjusted corresponding to the track rollers.

3. Releasing the tension of the band knives

The tension of the band knives must be released when the machine is stopped, so that no crack formation or fracture occurs on the welding points during cooling.

4. Early regrinding

This is especially important for extending the service life of the band knives. The band knives must always be sharp. Dull band knives get hot and build up stresses, which can lead to crack formation.

During regrinding it must be ensured that the band knives are not excessively heated. The bevel length and the bevel angle must be identical on both sides in order to guarantee that the blade is absolutely symmetrical.

5. Use

A new knife must run a few minutes without load so that it can adapt to the machine.
The feed is aligned according to the cutting material. The band knife can crack or fatigue with a feed that is too strong.