Circular saw blades

Herbertz delivers hard metal tipped circular saw blades starting from the pre cut part to the completed cut for saw mills and planer works. Also for solid wood manufacturer, parquet – and laminate manufacturer, manufacturer of wood- and compound materials, as well as plastics and non ferrous metal manufacturer.

Important criterion’s for circular saws is the cutting width and the tooth shape.
Also the number of carbide tipped tooth and the quality of carbide are important for the quality of the cut and the life time. Specially in regard oft the circular saws for the meat industry the customer requires a very small cutting width, to avoid as much as possible loss by cutting.

Our production range incorporates:

  • No iron circular saws
  • Table Circular saw blades
  • Cordless saws
  • Format Circular saw blades
  • Dry Cutter
  • Multi cut
  • Manual circular saws
  • Saws for the food industry
  • Brush cutter saws
  • Ritz saws
  • Strobe saw blades    (Kontrollieren)
  • Saw blades for fire wood
  • Circular blades for construction
  • and so on

Quality of carbide tooth

  • resistant to corrosion
  • more resistant to oxidation
  • more resistant to abrasion
  • optimal strength at rupture
  • more resistance to abrasive wear

Advantages of the blade

  • improved laser technology
  • better  concentric – and axial run
  • less vibration oft he blade
  • working with low noise level
  • perfect geometry of the tooth optimized in power

Advantages for the application

  • Process safety
  • Free of break downs by cutting
  • Excellent cut quality
  • cost effectiveness  by considerable higher

Circular saw blades for the food industry

Circular saw blades for the wood industry

Dry Cutter for the metal industry

Breaking saws for the meat industry

Carbide teeth for circular saws

Carbide teeth for circular saws

Circular saw blades made of high quality materials

Circular saw blades with high quality coatings

Cutting liquids for a clean cutting result

Circular saw blades examples