Grooved knife bushes / cutting bushes / slitter systems

Grooved knife bushes are frequently used for cutting aluminium foil, cable, paper, plastic, labels, non-woven and packaging material. This cutting system offers some advantages.

We fabricate grooved knife bushes made of various materials. Included in the standard materials are 1.2067 and 1.2379. Not only the material, but rather also the material properties and the heat treatment play an important role in the point of cutting performance. By maintaining precise fabrication tolerances our grooved knife sockets are also suitable for use at high cutting speeds.

We have production options to achieve thickness tolerances to +/- 0.001 mm. Also we can guarantee parallelism accuracies within the narrowest tolerances.
We can achieve the finest surface qualities (polished, lapped, burnished) depending on the cutting process.

Our production options are the prerequisite for the best results in the points of service life and 

We, Herbertz GmbH and Co. KG, only process the best types of steel for our grooved knife sockets. These are always selected due to the tasks to be exercised later.

We are glad to support you in determining the right knife for your application.

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Cutting bushes made of high quality materials

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