Circular knives for for elastomers and the plastics industry

During the processing and cutting of plastics and elastomers there are special requirements for the circular knife used.
Especially in this area a circular knife should be convincing through its stability and sturdiness. Therefore we only process the best materials for these knives. Also we can influence the long service life and cutting results with various heat treatments and coatings.

We can show comprehensive experience in the plastics industry. In our many years of work in this area we have always continually improved our knives and materials, in order to fabricate the best possible circular knives for our customers.

In the plastics industry circular knives must frequently withstand extreme stresses and heat. Our knives were developed to be as robust as possible, while with well-engineered production methods a surface was achieved that prevents that material remains stuck to it.

Because of our many years of experience we can always further perfect our knives in these areas. Through this you receive a high quality knife with the right properties for your company. Profit from our experience in the plastics industry.

We fabricate your circular knife to your specifications. During this we always strive to make the right circular knife for you and your purpose of use.

We, Herbertz GmbH and Co. KG, only process the best types of steel for our knives. These are always selected due to the tasks to be exercised later. Also the blade geometry and the shape of the knife are always perfected in order to deliver the most clean result possible.

You profit with our circular knives from an outstanding cutting result with simultaneous high service life.

We are glad to support you in determining the right knife for your application.