Roll shear knives made of high quality materials

The section of the correct material for roll shear knives is a very complex topic and is regularly discussed in every company.

Every customer is using different materials depending on the cutting process. Downtime plays a large role in this. Some cutting plants require very variable use from the roll shear knives.

Due to our many years of experience we are able to advice you in the selection of the correct material. Depending on the cutting task, material and hardness requirement are the responsible criteria for a desired toughness or wear resistance.

Some materials are found in the table with information of the standard hardness. However depending on the application it should be correspondingly varied.

HRC 63 +/-2
HRC 59 +/-2
HRC 60 +/-2
HRC 58 +/-2
HRC 63 +/-2

We are glad to support you in determining the right materials for your application.

Tool steel
(z.B.: 1.2067 – 1.2235)

  • tensile ductility
  • average wear resistence
  • appropriate for simple application

High Alloyed chrome
(z.B.: 1.2379 – 1.2436)

  • high alloyed chrome steel (minimum 12% Chrome)
  • good tensile strength
  • high wear resistence
  • can be used for multiple cutting purposes with high exigencies

High Speed Steel
(z.B.: 1.3333 – 1.3343 – 1.3355)

  • high wear-resistence steel
  • strong hardness
  • high content of wolfram
  • high cutting speed
  • for cutting purpose which need edge retention


  • high tensile strength
  • good wear resistence
  • provides for special cutting purpose better results as HSS

Stainless steel
(1.4034 – 1.4021)

  • high content of chrome, rust resistant
  • sufficient wearing resistance
  • for cutting purpose where rust resistence is necessary (foodstuff)

Hard metal

  • compacted material
  • needs competent handling
  • for cutting purpose of material with very high tensile strength and wear resistance