The correct blade geometry for your straight knife

The blade geometry on a straight knife has a considerable influence on the cutting behaviour of the knife. With the geometry of the blade not only the cutting results are influenced. Also the behaviour of the material is influenced during cutting.
There are a wide variety of blade geometries for all cutting tasks.

Thus a straight knife with a single blade, a double blade and even additionally with a preliminary blade can be offered. Even toothed straight knives can have various blade geometries.

On this page we give you an overview of the possible blade geometries.

Due to our many years of experience we can assist you in selecting the correct blade geometry for your knife.

We always recommend for you the geometry that optimises your work flow. At the same time we can increase the service life of your knives with the correct blade geometry.

You profit with our straight knives from an outstanding cutting result with simultaneous high service life.

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