Carbide-tipped teeth for circular saws

Our carbide-tipped circular saw blades are fitted with the best carbide for your use. Due to our many years of experience with carbide-tipped circular saw blades, we can offer you especially good processing of the carbide teeth.

We pay special attention to soldering the carbide teeth with the lowest possible tolerances and with a secure bonding with the parent blade.

Our carbide teeth undergo continual further development and provide you with very low cutting widths and high tooth strength.

We, Herbertz GmbH and Co. KG, only process the best types of steel for our carbide circular saw blades. These are always selected due to the tasks to be exercised later. Also the carbide teeth and shape of the soldered teeth are always perfected in order to supply the cleanest possible result.

You profit with our carbide circular saw blades from an outstanding cutting result with simultaneous high service life.

We are glad to support you in determining the right saw blade for your application.