Circular saw blades and cutting saws for the food industry

Special requirements exist for circular saw blades in the food industry. The selection of the right material plays a crucial role in this area. It is essential to use stainless steel in the food industry.
These blades are subjected to specific conditions that make the correct selection and manufacturing of the circular saw blade even more important.

We have extensive experience in the food industry. In our years of work in this field, we have continuously improved our circular saw blades and materials to manufacture the best possible blade for our customers.

Our circular saw blades for the food industry stand out for their high corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability against external influences.

In this industry, the blades are often cleaned more frequently compared to other areas. They are also exposed to moisture and contaminants. The robustness of the blade is also crucial to avoid breakage or chipping.

We produce knives for the starch, vegetable, fish, or meat industry.

When animals are being processed in slaughterhouses, cutting saws (EFA, Freund, and Jarvis) are commonly used.

Our product range includes not only all standard dimensions (EFA, Freund, and Jarvis) but also customized production based on samples or drawings.

EFA 50, EFA 17, EFA 86, EFA 186, SK 23 WB, EFA 19, EFA 85, EFA 185.

At Herbertz GmbH & Co. KG, we only use the best steel grades for our saw blades. The selection is based on the intended task. We also continuously optimize the carbide teeth and the shape of the soldered teeth to deliver the cleanest results possible.

With our circular saw blades, you can benefit from outstanding cutting results and high durability.

We are happy to assist you in determining the right blade for your specific application.